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Study Abroad Programs With Eurolingua

Learn to speak foreign languages fluently

With Eurolingua's fun and intuitive foreign language learning

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At Eurolingua we teach foreign languages to people from all over the world. Our study abroad programs help them achieve their goal of learning a new language or improving their existing language speaking skills. Our study abroad programs welcome students, young and old, who come to us for many reasons. Some want to learn foreign languages as a hobby or as a challenge. Some want to improve their chances of passing language exams. Many want to achieve a level of foreign language skills that will help them get employment or work experience abroad.

Eurolingua Institute, Montpellier, South of FranceBenefit from visiting one of our international language schools

No matter what your level, you will soon be speaking fluently, with understanding, ease and confidence. By taking part in one of our study abroad programs, summer language schools, language courses abroad, or foreign language homestays, you will be armed with an authentic accent and begin to feel really at home in your host country. You will achieve all of this using Eurolingua’s modern communicative method, guided by your native-speaking Eurolingua foreign language teacher.

Language Holidays Abroad

How does foreign language learning abroad work?

Whatever your level or objective we have a programme for you. You can study languages abroad with Eurolingua in one of several ways, click on the links below to find out more.

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian. Language holiday homestays with One to One study abroad homestay tuition. Locations worldwide. Foreign language learning in your Eurolingua Tutor's own family home in the host country. Spectacular and rapid results.
Group Language Programmes
Take part in a small interactive group at one of Eurolingua’s international language schools in over 40 countries.

English Teacher Training (TEFL / TESOL)
Teacher training in France, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Turkey and other countries.

Educational trips abroad
Benefit from a school trip abroad and improve your language skills. Pre-constituted groups are welcome at any time of year.

Summer Language Courses
Make the most of your summer and study languages abroad on one of our summer language programmes.
On-Line Lessons (Skype)
Learn a new language for pleasure or improve your existing language skills. Get the most out of your  planned study abroad trip. Prepare in advance with an experienced native speaking tutor at your own pace and frequency. Continue online when you return home in order to maintain your fluency from your home or office.

Hospitality Internships Abroad
Paid and unpaid internships abroad, mainly in the hotel and hospitality industry where accommodation is usually readily available.



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How to speak fluent English like a native American


English International Homestays French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Where are Eurolingua's study abroad programs and homestays?

At more than 200 language schools in over 40 countries throughout Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Latin America, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the Caribbean, the Eurolingua Institute offers year round study abroad language learning programmes and holidays. Find the one that suits you. Learning a language has never been easier!

Take a look around the site to find a language course that suits you. If you already know in which language course you would like to take part, then please fill in an admissions form or if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Summer Study Abroad Programs

    Whether it’s an academic requirement, a personal challenge, a career requirement, or indeed just for fun, learning a foreign language has never been more crucial and whilst study aids such as books and CD-ROMs are useful, they don’t have quite the same effect as the Eurolingua Institute!

    The chances are you’ve come across a plethora of organisations offering foreign language courses, but we’ll guarantee that none of them take the same unique and successful approach to teaching as we do. Our years of experience of teaching foreign languages has taught us that the best way for any student to study a foreign language is to study in the country where the language in question is the native tongue. So as you can imagine, with every language from Dutch to Ukrainian being included in our extensive range of courses, we have some very exciting learning and cultural experiences to offer students of all ages and backgrounds.

    If you fancy a study English abroad programme, be it in Malta or New Zealand, you can guarantee that the venues and programmes we offer are light years away from those offered by our rivals. It’s worth stressing that our courses are not aimed at a specific age group, indeed we welcome students from 16-75 and everyone who attends will find our teaching methods conducive to their way of thinking. Learning the Eurolingua way will provide everyone the opportunity to add a foreign language to their list of skills, so come and join us.

  • A Wealth Of Foreign Language School Course Options

    Here at the Eurolingua Institute we appreciate that everyone responds to different environments and this is reflected in the different styles of study programmes which we offer. For those who flourish as part of an interactive team, our group language programmes are absolutely ideal and with a native teacher at the helm, these language school based courses aim for fluency in record time. Or if you’re a student looking for a study programme of a more personal nature then we wholeheartedly recommend our unique one to one language homestay programme.

    This style of course provides total immersion into the language you’ve chosen to study and being that you’ll be staying in the tutor’s own home you’ll be pretty much eating and sleeping your new second choice language! Not only are these courses incredibly effective, but as participants on our summer study abroad program will discover, they are great fun too! We can guarantee you’ll be amazed at how quickly your foreign language skills develop using our modern communicative methods and being as you’re listening to a native speaker each day, your accent will be perfect!

    The courses we run are of great benefit to people from all walks of life and for those looking to pursue a career, our TEFL/TESOL and hospitality based programmes are particularly beneficial. Once you’ve looked at all your options we’re confident you’ll find our range of comprehensive courses perfect for your study needs and we’ll be delighted to welcome you at your earliest convenience.

  • A Truly Worldwide Foreign Language Study Experience

    No matter what your country of origin may be and regardless of your background, we positively encourage you to join us at the Eurolingua Institute for the foreign language experience of a lifetime. Every one of our courses offers students the chance to combine language study and a cultural experience that is ultimately rewarding beyond your dreams. From complete beginners to those looking to brush up on a particular language, we have something to offer students at all levels and you might be interested to hear that you can add to those all important American college credits by enrolling on one of our courses.

    We have dedicated courses available at locations throughout the world and whether you want to study abroad in France, or join a homestay programme in Ireland, the world is simply your oyster. When we say we’re a worldwide language institution we’re not joking, with over 70 schools in the likes of The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, we aim to offer the complete foreign language experience.

    Learning should be fun and with our courses you’ll find a combination of fun and practical study provides the perfect platform for fluency in all the languages that we teach. And naturally, fluency is what we aim for with all of our students and anyone who enrols with us can rest assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way in your quest to speak the likes of German and Japanese just like a native.

  • Learning Popular Languages And Cultures

    Our much lauded courses are firm favourites amongst individuals, educational establishments and private businesses alike and when you partake yourself it’ll soon become apparent why we’re regarded as one of the leading exponents of foreign language courses. Whether you choose to enrol on one of our excellent homestay programmes, or choose a course based in a more traditional classroom environment, learning Spanish and Italian will be a breeze.

    Choosing to study abroad in Europe brings with it many advantages, not least the chance to study in what are commonly regarded as some of the world’s finest cultures and centres of learning. Think of European culture and the French language instantly springs to mind and when you join us at our language school in Montpellier, we’ll take you on a journey which will not only leave you speaking like a French national, but thinking like one as well. Regardless of which course you opt for, our intention is to completely immerse our students in the country and culture where the course takes place and as most past students agree, this helps their understanding of the language in question no end.

    Many languages are of course spoken by multiple nations, which does of course broaden your study horizons. For instance, when it comes to learning Portuguese, not only can you attend a language school in Portugal itself, but you can also partake of a simply wonderful homestay programme in Brazil! By joining us you’re learning far more than a foreign language.

  • Foreign Languages Courses Made Irresistible

    Foreign languages are becoming increasingly important, when it comes to securing a premium career move having at least one European language ‘under your belt’ certainly won’t do your prospects of being hired any harm at all! Our unique hospitality internships offer students the chance to gain vital work experience in a ‘foreign’ environment and as most offer food and accommodation as part of the deal; this has to be overseas study at its very finest.

    As a study abroad agency of some repute we only recruit the very finest tutors to run our courses and this is reflected in our ability to make even a language novice into a fluent speaker. From one to one tuition, to manageable classes, anyone who attends one of our courses is guaranteed to receive all the attention they deserve and when you take into account the comparatively affordable prices of our academic courses and homestay programmes, students can’t really go wrong.

    As an institution we firmly believe that total immersion is by far and away the best way to learn a foreign language and you will find all of our courses are created with this in mind. And after all what better way is there to learn Japanese than by attending an accredited language school in the culture filled and ever beautiful Fukuoka City? Our mission at Eurolingua is simple; we aim to turn all our students into fluent speakers and at the same time open their eyes to our culturally diverse world.

  • Learning A Foreign Language Made Easy

    For all those who are interested in learning something other than their mother tongue, our courses are absolutely ideal and we’re confident that our methods are by far and away the most productive way to learn a new language.

    With study opportunities available in stunning locations like South Africa, Europe, USA, South America, Australia and even The Caribbean, you can combine all encompassing study whilst at the same time enjoying everything that the host country has to offer. We urge all budding students out there not to be duped by some of the less reputable institutions and only use the services of a study abroad agent, like ourselves, who take immense pride in turning students into proficient speakers of such languages as English, French, Italian and Spanish. Regardless of how basic your knowledge may be at present, our skilled tutors will make your chosen language accessible in a short space of time.

    Enrolling on any of our programmes couldn’t be easier, simply fill out the online application form and we’ll book your place on what we feel are the most comprehensive language courses available today. Our record speaks for itself and we’d feel privileged if you’d join us at some point and our dedicated team will show the beauty of learning another language with our esteemed institution. It’s also worth remembering that all of our courses can be tailor-made to suit to needs of specific groups, after all where foreign languages are concerned we understand students have different expectations.

Choose the language you wish to speak fluently:

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian


  • Methods of Payment - initial deposit on confirmed enrolment, balance 35 days before arrival
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