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Learn to speak fluent English like a native...!!

                   .......and other European Languages                                           

English Schools in India


Xcel Language Academy

Eurolingua partner language school in India

Xcel Language Academy - Bangalore Xcel Language Academy was born when two inspired individuals got together and decided with a vision to start a language institute which is able to offer reasonably priced high language courses and a mission to function as a one stop commercial language teaching academy. The aim is to become a viable language academy in the region for students from India and around the world. We cater to the student community, Public and Private sectors and the general public. Xcel is based in Bangalore India.

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Dante Institute of Foreign Languages, DIFL

Eurolingua partner language school in India

Dante Institute of Foreign Languages, DIFL - Jaipur Welcome to DIFL
DIFL has been training students, businessmen, jewellers, exporters, employees, guides etc. in foreign languages such as Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, German & English, since last 25 yrs. The Directors of the institute have themselves stayed for many years abroad in the respective countries whose languages they are teaching.

The basic approach of teaching is not only confined to mere knowledge of the language but to make the student communicate effectively.

   Visit our website  Or  



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