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How To Enrol: Study Abroad Programs - Language Courses

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Hello and thanks for contacting the Eurolingua Institute

TL_Newsletter.gifOur aim is to help you in every way to make a success of your study abroad experience and we are always ready to answer your questions by email or phone.

Please help the Eurolingua Institute to efficiently process your general enquiry or enrolment on a timely basis by completing the appropriate no-obligation online form. We shall then be able to send you by return more specific information which corresponds to your request or enrolment and guide you through the process. We are here to help and there is no obligation or engagement on your part!!

Please complete and submit the appropriate online Form:-

(1) ADMISSIONS ENQUIRY FORM - receive a detailed offer for your selected programme and location.

(2) FRENCH HOTEL WORK EXPERIENCE - apply for the paid French hotel programme (stage en hôtellerie).

(3) UK HOTEL WORK EXPERIENCE - apply for a paid hotel internship in the United Kingdom

(4) SCHOOL GROUPS - if you are planning a study abroad trip for a school or other group, please complete the online form.

(5) KEEP ME INFORMED - receive editions of "Eurolingua News Desk"

Methods of Payment

All enrolments are accepted on the basis of our standard Terms & Conditions


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