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Learn to speak fluent German like a native...!!

German Language Courses - Homestays or On-line

Eurolingua offer homestays in Germany for people looking to learn German abroad like a native. German language courses aided or delivered in a German home offers the best possible learning experience for you. You can also learn German on-line via Skype.

Berlin Brandenberg GateAre you looking to learn German? Eurolingua provides German language lessons offering you the chance to learn German in beautiful and exciting locations. You can study German language with our tried, tested and proven methods which are not only bespoke but affordable too. About 100 million people speak German as their native language and many more speak German as their second language. Our German language courses ensure that students learn fluent German in a practical manner.

Eurolingua recommends three options for students wishing to learn to speak German.

One-to-One German Homestays

One-to-One German homestays give students the chance to learn German from an experienced native German tutor at their own pace. Not only this but by choosing the homestay option, students benefit from one-to-one German tuition, learning in the home of a native speaker, with included social and cultural activities. Why not check out our available homestays in Germany.

German On-line (Skype) Tuition

More information about German On-Line Tuition

German Group Language Courses

Alternatively, those who prefer group learning environments may wish to study German language at one of our German language schools. Students can enjoy structured lessons with fellow students in a small group learning environment with the aid of the expert German teacher.

Simply choose how you would like to learn to speak German fluently.


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