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Russian in Russia

Learn to speak fluent Russian like a native...!!

Russian Homestays in Russia

Our Russian homestay program gives you the chance to learn Russian in Russia, the place where the language was created! Russia is the world’s biggest country with the most times zones, the greatest reserves of energy resources, the most extensive forests as well as the greatest quantity of fresh water in the world. A homestay in Russia gives you the opportunity to practice your new language skills while enjoying the experience that this unique and interesting country has to offer. Eurolingua has many options for students wishing to learn Russian in Russia. Eurolingua’s Russian homestays ensure that learning a new language is affordable as well as extremely enjoyable. Do you want to learn Russian in Russia? View our homestay options below for more detailed information.

More information about Eurolingua International Language Homestays


Posted in Russian Homestays in the Siberian District

Eurolingua Russian Homestay - Omsk Omsk, Russia: It's a spacious semi-detached house with a nice garden and an orchard.It has a wooden bathhouse which can be stoked on request. There is a lawn for a barbecue and a chaise longue area for sunbathing in summer.The house is 20 minutes by car from the city center (with city miseums,theatres and cinemas). It is in 5 minutes walk from the bus stop and 10 minutes walk from the Irtysh river.


Posted in Russian Homestays in the Siberian District

Eurolingua Russian Homestay - Irkutsk Irkutsk, Russia: The apartment is situated in 10 minutes by car from the city centre, on the 7th floor of the 9 floor building. The bus stop is in 2 minutes walk, shops, cafes, restaurants are close. The apartment is comfortable and cosy, well-equipped.

St. Petersburg

Posted in Russian Homestays in Saint Petersburg

Eurolingua Russian Homestay - St Petersburg St Petersburg, Russia: Our place is located in a close proximity to a metro station, trading centres, business centres, museums and parks...


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