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Learn to speak fluent Swedish like a native...!!

Study Swedish Abroad, Swedish Language Summer School in Sweden and On-line Courses

Learning Swedish in Sweden is an exciting and unforgettable experience

Sweden Uspenski CathedralSweden is a nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe and shares political borders with Norway and Finland. Since January 1995, Sweden is a Member State of the European Union (EU). Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a parliamentary democracy with a highly developed economy. The official language is Swedish, a North Germanic language.

Swedish Language Courses

Improve your language skills by learning Swedish at our international summer school. Sweden is a great place to learn because as well as learning about the language, culture and society, students can also enjoy participating in Swedish student life.

SWD-(runestone)175.jpgSwedish Summer School in Uppsala

Each year about 250 students and professionals take part in our Uppsala International Summer Session (UISS) to take advantage of an opportunity to learn Swedish in Sweden. The UISS teaches all classes at Vuxenskolan, a modern facility in the centre of Uppsala with computers available for writing or internet access. Uppsala is a beautiful and vibrant city. Riding a bicycle is the most popular way to get around town, although it is also easy to walk. Many events are organised each week during the summer by different cultural organisations, pubs and cafes. Music concerts are also given frequently.


Upon request the Uppsala International Summer Session can issue a Swedish student card with which students can gain entrance to the Uppsala student nations (you also need to bring an international student card.

The nations are pubs which offer good and affordable food and drink, and have dances several times a week offering a fun dimension to your experience at our Swedish summer school. The lake is close by and you can often find our students there on the weekends. Stockholm, with all it has to offer, is only 45 minutes away by train.

Get more information about our Swedish language school and how to learn Swedish in Sweden.

Swedish On-Line (Skype) Tuition

More information about Swedish On-Line Tuition

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The Eurolingua Institute teaches languages in over 40 countries worldwide. Check out our unique One-to-One Language Homestay programmes living and learning in the private residence of a qualified and experienced Eurolingua Homestay tutor.


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