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Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and one of the most important and cosmopolitan in all of North America - a great place to learn to speak fluent English. The United Nations recently designated it as the most multi-cultural city in the world. Visitors from all over the world consider Toronto both clean and safe. The city has a very efficient public transit system, and world-class cultural and educational facilities.

CAN-Toronto(city4)125.jpgThe Institute
Founded in 1969, our English language school in Toronto Canada is one of the largest and most recognized language institutions in Canada, offering a huge variety of classes, a flexible schedule, and a long list of trips, excursions, sports, and social activities. You can study more than twenty different subjects at twelve levels, from absolute beginner with no English knowledge to very advanced using the latest audio, video, and other multimedia equipment. You are placed in classes perfect for your needs, but you can raise or lower your level or change subject simply by discussing it with an instructor or a student counselor. Classes each have about six to eight students. Our counselors will help you with your college or visa applications, with accommodation, with choosing the right level and subject for your study program, and with just about anything else.

Can-Toronto(Night)175.jpgThe Programmes
The programmes at the English language school consist of sessions of four weeks and are designed to upgrade language skills in certain areas. Students can register for part-time courses of two, three or four hours daily, or full-time courses of five or six hours per day. In these programs the student can choose to take classes in a variety of subjects, such as Grammar, Conversation, Vocabulary, Idioms, Listening, Reading, Writing, Business English, Pronunciation, TOEFL or TOEIC test preparation, or classes for IELTS, GMAT, the Cambridge certificate, or the Test of Spoken English.

Our English language school in Toronto Canada offers you modern teaching facilities, the most up to date textbooks and a multimedia learning center consisting of two campuses and over fifty classrooms. Students have access to a wide range of learning facilities including:

  • Computers connected to the World-Wide-Web and a wide choice of language-learning programs

  • Private study rooms available during non-peak hours

  • Audio/Video equipment, including tape recorders, VCR's, DVD's televisions, overhead projectors

  • A wide selection of English language books and readers available through purchase

  • A library of technical and specialized books, dictionaries and works of reference for use within the school

  • A huge roster of over fifty dynamic teachers

Many trips, excursions, events, and social and cultural  activities are available and a weekly calendar is published on the notice board.

Colleges and Universities
Students, who intend to study at universities, colleges, or technical schools after their English course, are entitled to use our university placement service free of charge. Most colleges and universities start their courses in September. Please keep this in mind when you register and select the starting date and the duration of your program. Applications to a university can take a long time and universities will only accept the applications after the students have passed the TOEFL exam. Many students come to Canada and apply to universities while studying at our English language school in Toronto Canada. Our student advisor will be happy to help you with the application provided you have a certified English translation of your school records. Some Canadian universities and colleges work closely with our English language school, offering scholarships to our graduates, organizing scheduled information seminars, and offering credit for courses completed at our English language school in Toronto Canada.

Our English language school can arrange accommodation for students who want to stay with a Canadian family. The homestay program offers students a private room in a family home with breakfast and dinner. Hansa also has a bulletin board listing alternative accommodation located on the second floor of the Yonge St. campus and the third floor of the Eglinton campus. These boards are updated frequently with available apartments for rent, rooms for rent (furnished and unfurnished), and students looking for room-mates.

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