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The Institute
Sorrento language schoolThe School is situated south of Florence and Rome in the province of Naples is very close to the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia and Pompeii. Located in a 16th century palazzo in the dramatic seaside town of Sorrento, the school aims to be the premier centre for excellence in international education and language studies.

Recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, the school maintains the highest standards of quality and integrity in its courses and programs. We are committed to offering students, educators and universities alike a rich, immersive experience in language and culture. While the school presently remains committed to providing the highest quality language programs, we are also focused on the future, and the needs of our students, academia and international partners. Through the Italian language, we aim to guide our students in their personal discovery of the rich history and cultural heritage of Italy, as well as the dynamism of its modern society. We aspire to reach out to all Italian communities throughout the world and to help them reconnect with their roots. We equally seek to enable Italians to learn new languages and discover new cultures.We are constantly revaluating our goals and seeking ways to advance our teaching methods, we maintain an environment where growth and change is encouraged, and we will always remain flexible and available to our students.

The Institute in Brief
16th century building   Centrally located in Sorrento
 Reception desk  Student lounge Language lab
 Large outdoor terrace  Internet Access
 10 air conditioned classrooms  8 to 25 students per class

Providing courses and programs with the personal success of every student is our primary aim. We are committed to student satisfaction and we endeavour to offer the best quality at the best price. Abiding by this principle, this has made us one of Italy’s leading language schools.

We combine language and culture with a sincere approach to providing the best academic environment for our students to learn, live and grow.

Additionally the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of the weather, the allure of historical sites such as Pompeii and world famous sights such as Capri and the Amalfi Coast make Sorrento the ideal destination.

Students of all ages and professions can learn the language, discover the culture and enjoy the richness of the landscape.   In addition to classroom instruction, the school's local community offers students the opportunity to practice their language skills. Students are exposed daily to Italian native speakers, this immersion is important for building language skills. This is not only the perfect way to learn the language, but also to develop life-long friendships with Italians. We believe this is one of the biggest advantages of the exeriences at the school .

The Programmes
Sorrento classThe school’s Italian for Foreigners program is designed to enable students, professionals, and those interested in simply learning for pleasure to develop an integrated mastery of the language focused on four main skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Courses are practical, stimulating and interactive, with teaching materials not only from textbooks, but also taken from everyday life (i.e. articles from newspapers and magazines, videos and tapes) to build a contemporary and relevant understanding of the language. The overall objective is to enable students to communicate effectively in Italian, to confront the most important daily situations confidently, and to be able to interact with Italians and express one’s ideas.
  • students are exposed daily to Italian native speakers because we teach foreign languages to Italians
  • Italian courses consist of 20 hours coursework per week, a total of 80 contact hours per 4-weeks
  • Students are in Italian class in the morning for 4 hours per day (Monday through Friday)
  • Possibility of Italian internships in Sorrento
Language Levels
Sorrento at nightIn order to ascertain a student’s actual level of proficiency in Italian, a placement exam is administered on the first day of class. Based on this exam, students are then assigned to one of six levels: Beginner (I & II), Intermediate (I & II), or Advanced (I & II).  All levels work on a wide range of activities in order to develop reading comprehension, listening, writing and oral skills. The beginner levels focus on verbal communication and grammar while the intermediate and advanced levels work more in-depth on the writing process. Students are re-evaluated at the beginning of each 4-week session, thus enabling them to move up at their own pace throughout the semester.

Special courses

Voice Lessons
The school offers both professional and beginner-level voice training courses. Professional courses cover techniques and interpretation of Italian opera and Neopolitan songs, voice laying, and breathing emission. Beginner classes enable future talents to develop their vocal and respiratory techniques through Italian and Neopolitan songs. Minimum duration: 3 lessons/week

SorrentoLearn the techniques of working, decorating and baking clay the artigianale way in a typical, Sorrentine ceramics studio. On request, excursions can also be arranged to Vietri, one of the most famous and beautiful towns of the Costiera Amalfitana, known worldwide for its ceramics.
Minimum duration: 3 lessons/week

Italian Cuisine
Learn how to prepare traditional Italian recipes as well as dishes unique to the Sorrento and the Campania region. Our instructor will lead you on a gastronomical tour of Italy and teach you the secrets of making Mediterranean food (i.e., handmade pasta, gnocchi, fish). Each course is designed as a full meal, including 'antipasti', 'primo piatto', 'secondo piatto', and 'dolce'.

Explore Sorrento under the water, splendid coastlines, tiny coves hidden in the steep cliffs, Caves, and seawalls.

Special Courses
Sorrento groupMusic school: Since we are also a Music School, singers are always welcome and we offer private lessons for all levels, courses for two people or small groups with highly qualified teachers.
Pronunciation for Singers: for students who wish to master the phonetics and pronunciation of the language of opera. This course looks at the language of Libretto and Old Italian.
Other special courses: Italian Literature, Business or Technical Italian, Art History, Culture & Society.

The school organizes a range of weekly activities for students that change week- by- week, such as:      

 Cooking Courses  Ceramic Courses  
 Song/Voice Courses  Lunches in a typical Agriturismo
 Visit to Popular Local Festivals  Visit to Limoncello Factory and Ice Cream Factory
 Cultural Courses  Courses about Art, Literature, History
 Boat trips  Excursions to Capri, Naples, Pompeii, Positano, Amalfi

We can provide assistance locating accommodation for you. It is possible to choose from: 

Host Family Accommodation
Living with an Italian family offers no better way to immerse oneself in the Italian language
and culture. For those wishing to stay with an Italian family, we can book single or double rooms (if available) with either bed and breakfast or half board (breakfast and dinner) with one of our carefully selected families. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your Italian on a daily basis and sample the delights of Italian home cookery! Double rooms are for students traveling together only. 
Students' House Accommodation           
Rooms in shared student flats have shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. The number of rooms per flat varies from 1 to 7. Double rooms are for students traveling together only.
Residential Accommodation
For those who wish to have a little independence, we can book a studio apartment with cooking facilities and private bathroom in residences in the city center.
Hotel Accommodation Sorrento has a wide range of hotels, from one to five stars, in the city centre and surrounding area. 


  • Methods of Payment - initial deposit on confirmed enrolment, balance 35 days before arrival
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