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We offer several accommodation options for international students:

1. Homestay with a Japanese family
2. Dormitory
3. Room in a shared apartment
4. Private apartment

Note: all options offer a private room

Here are the pros and cons of each type:




 Shared Apartment

Private Apartment


Medium: 14,000 yen per week for 1st four weeks, 18,000 yen thereafter

Lowest: 10,000 yen per week

Lowest: 10,000 yen per week Highest: about 26,000 yen per week
Privacy Low: Family may have curfew, guest rules, etc. Medium: Shared facilities, no curfew Medium: No curfew, etc., but shared facilities High: Totally private
Community High: You are a member of the family. High: Japanese uni students always around Medium: Others in apartment can become your friends. None
Location Furthest: About 45 mins from school on average Medium: A train (or bicycle) and subway ride from school Close: Usually 10-30 mins by subway/bus Closest: Usually 5-10 mins on foot
N.B. Please note that applicants under the age of 18 at the time of study must stay with a host family.

Homestay (including breakfast)

The opportunity to stay with a Japanese host family is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the culture, and practice at "home" what you learned at school that day.

When arranging a host family for you, we try to take into account any needs or preferences you may have, such as smoker or non-smoker, allergies, English ability, and so on. Your host family can act as guides and mentors, friends and companions, and a wonderful resource in your adventure in Japan. They are likely to be the people you become closest to during your stay, which is why we perform a thorough screening of all host family applicants, to ensure that they can provide a suitable environment to assist your learning and to allow you to fully experience Japan.

Host families are chosen to be as close to the school, and the center of Fukuoka City, as possible. All host families are within one hour traveling time of the school by public transport. You are guaranteed to have your own private room, which may be either Japanese or Western style.

Of course, you must abide by certain rules of conduct when staying with a host family. We have collected some of the most common rules together and will advise you.

Homestay family placement fee (one-time)

10,000 yen

Per week, first 4 weeks  14,000 yen
 Per week, 5th week onwards  18,000 yen

Homestay Questions and Answers

Q. Can I specify conditions for my host family?
A. Yes. We will try to accommodate any requests you have regarding your host family. However, please bear in mind that while we will do our best, it may not be possible to find a family exactly as you requested. 

Q. Can I eat dinner with my home family, not just breakfast?
A. If you would like to have dinner with your home family, we can arrange for this. Generally, you will have to pay a little more, though the exact cost varies between host families. In addition, you can usually specify how many nights a week you would like to have dinner at home. In many cases, students find that they are often not home at dinner time, being too busy sightseeing, going out with friends, and otherwise enjoying their time in Fukuoka.  

Dormotory (no meals included)

A private room in a dormitory with other students and Japanese university students gives you the freedom to enjoy the city life without a curfew, but also the chance to make lots of friends. The dorm is located on the outskirts of Fukuoka City, but still nearly reachable by subway. All facilities (kitchen, toilet, shower, etc.) are shared. Breakfast and dinner are available for an additional cost (for example, 2,100 yen extra per week for breakfast).


Apartment placement fee (one-time) 10,000 yen
Per week 10,000 yen


Shared Apartment (no meals included)
Staying with other people in the city gives you the opportunity to make friends easily, and go out freely, but still have a good level of privacy and freedom. In a shared apartment you have your own private room, but share the central facilities, such as laundry, kitchen, living room, bathroom. Most of these apartments are quite close to the center of the city.
Apartment placement fee (one-time) 10,000 yen
Per week 10,000 yen
Private Apartment (no meals included) 
Private apartments are usually similar to a hotel room in quality, and can be rented by the week. They include a bed, living room area, kitchen area, and bathroom. Generally there is no laundry in the apartment, but there may beo one in the building itself. Internet access can also be requested, for an additional charge. Here is the web site of one private apartment we often use. Most private apartments are very centrally located, in the main business/entertainment district and within easy walking distance of the school itself. As these apartments are maintained by a separate company, we will request an estimate from them for you, and forward the details on to you.
Apartment placement fee (one-time) 10,000 yen
Per week

From 26,000 yen


  • Methods of Payment - initial deposit on confirmed enrolment, balance 35 days before arrival
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