Sunday, April 18, 2021

Homestay: Russia

Our Russian homestay program gives you the chance to learn Russian in Russia, the place where the language was created! Russia is the world’s biggest country with the most times zones, the greatest reserves of energy resources, the most extensive forests as well as the greatest quantity of fresh water in the world. A homestay in Russia gives you the opportunity to practice your new language skills while enjoying the experience that this unique and interesting country has to offer. Eurolingua has many options for students hoping to learn Russian in Russia and Eurolingua’s Russian homestay ensures that learning a new language is affordable as well as extremely enjoyable.  Do you want to learn Russian in Russia? View our homestay options below for more detailed information.

Study and learn to speak Russian in Chelyabinsk, Russia

CHELYABINSK (Russia): Separate apartment in the centre of the city of Chelyabinsk on the 6 floor with hot and cold running water, central heating system, garbage chute, lift. The apartment has a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, balcony (in the student's room). We a have a fridge, microwave oven, washing machine, 3 TV-sets, computer (with Internet connection), telephone. We also have a car and an out-of-town garden. 2 daughters: 20 and 25 years old. Learn more...
Russia ROSTOV-ON-DON (Russia): Rostov-on-Don is a very green southern city with the population over 1200000 people. It dates back to the 18th century and has a very rich and interesting history. My region is mostly known for the Don Cossacks, but you can find lots of interesting apart from that. It is surrounded with the Steppes which many peoples came through and here you can find people of different nations. Here there are many museums, theatres, parks and many other things a city can have I am sure you will find lots of amusing things for you to discover, especially in summer. Learn more...
 ru-stpetersburg(ar-photo)175.jpg  ST PETERSBURG, Russia
 ru-stpetersburg(vs-photo)100.jpg  ST PETERSBURG, Russia
 ru-stpetersburg(np-tutorial)175.jpg  ST PETERSBURG, Russia
 ru-stpetersburg(ob-photo)100.jpg  ST PETERSBURG, Russia
 ru-stpetersburg(in-photo)100.jpg  ST PETERSBURG, Russia
 ru-stpetersburg(jn-photo)100.jpg  ST PETERSBURG, Russia
Ukraine VERKHOVYNA, Carpathians (Ukraine): Verkhovyna is a small mountainous village where students can have more than just improving their language knowledge and skills but also spend great time travelling to the mountain tops, breathing fresh air, tasting natural fruits and vegetables, discovering Hutsul culture. We are offering you an apartment with three separate rooms with furniture, TV, phone, computer (with Internet connection), fully equipped kitchen, separate bathroom and toilet.
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We recommend students of all ages take this opportunity to study Russian in Russia and benefit from one-to-one tuition in some of the most beautiful locations. Eurolingua also recommends Russian schools in Russia and Ukraine for the chance to enjoy the group learning option.  

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