Sunday, April 18, 2021

Homestay: Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country, with entire boundaries within the European continent. Eurolingua offers students of every level the unique opportunity to learn Ukrainian language and benefit from bespoke tuition in some of the most interesting locations.

There are many benefits to learning Ukrainian with our Ukrainian homestay. Ukraine is a stunning country with great opportunities for travel and learning. Our Ukrainian homestay classes give students the option to learn to speak Ukrainian while enjoying this attractive country.

Eurolingua’s homestay option ensures that learning Ukrainian is affordable as well as fun and that learners will receive bespoke one-to-one tuition. View our homestays in Ukraine below for more detailed information.

KIEV (Capital): Folk Arts Teacher, Director of orchestra (ensemble) of folk instuments, organizer of mass cultural activities. Degree with honours from the Kiev University of Culture 1995 - 1999. I taught my husband, a British citizen, the Russian language, and also foreign guests that we frequently host in our home. Quality accommodation in a large detatched house with all facilities.
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 ukr-ogultsy(photo)100.jpg OGULTSY: Ogultsy is situated in Valky district in 18 km from the town, and in 40 km from Kharkiv, the capital of the region. Valky is located 55 km from Kharkiv. The town was founded on the site of the Mozhaysk burg in 1644-1645. It was later renamed as fortress Valky, which became a district town of the Kharkiv province in 1780. The town occupies 1122 hectares, population 11,100. The town is situated along both banks of the Mzha river at the confluence with the Trushky river. Learn more...
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VERKHOVYNA, Carpathians (Ukraine): Verkhovyna is a small mountainous village where students can have more than just improving their language knowledge and skills but also spend great time travelling to the mountain tops, breathing fresh air, tasting natural fruits and vegetables, discovering Hutsul culture. We are offering you an apartment with three separate rooms with furniture, TV, phone, computer (with Internet connection), fully equipped kitchen, separate bathroom and toilet.
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Our Homestays are the perfect way to learn Ukrainian while experiencing the country’s family traditions and mainstream culture. Here at Eurolingua we highly recommend Ukrainian language schools for the chance to enjoy a more conventional learning option.  

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