Monday, June 05, 2023

What the students say.............

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1. ...the hotel appeared well-run, clean and professional … the placement was an extremely beneficial experience and has helped me a lot with my French … the room was basic but sufficient for my purposes … the language course was really enjoyable and certainly helped me to progress. Daniel

2. ...I loved the placement and had a wonderful summer … accommodation a little cramped but not bad … I had a wonderful experience and made some great friends. Jan

3. nourriture n’était pas le mieux, mais n’étais pas trop mal …c’était une bonne expérience … je pense que quand je suis dans un cours américaine je serai mieux en français. Jonathan

4. ...hotel nice and welcoming … staff were very accommodating ... the placement was good … the hotel was a good place for me to learn the language and experience French hotel work. Alfred

5. ...placement a good opportunity for me … my room is excellent … language course is necessary to help with placement. Silviya

6. ...small, very clean, nice ambiance, chic, friendly staff … it was very hard in the beginning … it took me a time to adjust and meet people … hours are great … the work was a lot harder than I expected … when I asked questions I always got great responses from Eurolingua … overall my French improved greatly and it was a wonderful experience for me … because it was a small hotel I really got to see how it was run and learn a bit about how the French do business and interact with the owners daily in a professional and social way … it was a great learning experience. Stina

7. ...for me the placement is the best and I enjoyed my time in the placement … Eurolingua is always in first to help the students with a problem and helps until the problem is solved … the placement was excellent. Kuldeep

8. ...placement very good, the staff were friendly and helpful … I learned a lot working with the hotel clients … the language course was very good … the teacher was friendly and we did a lot of speaking practice … I have a very positive opinion of the hotel, Eurolingua, the language course and my stay in Montpellier … I made significant language progress and made many friends … I am very glad. Justyna

9. avait des problèmes de la communication, mais on m’a essayait de m’expliques le travail … travailler a la réception c’est très utile parce que on perfectionne le français et aussi l’anglais, l’italienne et d’autres langues … mais il faut avoir le niveau de langues le plus haut … j’aimais beaucoup fréquenter les cours parce que ils étaient très intéressants, différents … j’ai appris beaucoup de choses nouvelles … Eurolingua donne toute l’aide nécessaire … merci beaucoup pour votre aide. Nina

10. ...Wow! The hotel and its surrounding were very pretty and everyone greeted me with a smile and ‘Bonjour’ … I loved working in the kitchen … I was able to talk freely and my chefs encouraged me to speak and learn about French cuisine … a great place to work with great co-workers … I liked the structure of the language course … we learned vocabulary that I was able to integrate into conversations because it was pertinent to everyday life … I would recommend it but the stagiaire must be prepared to work … Fantastic, I’ve met people and made friends that I hope to keep in touch with for a long time … I’m not fluent in French but I have the confidence and the ability to participate in adult conversations … on a parle, on a travaille, on a rigole. Meredith

11. ...a very good experience for me … Very, very many thanks to all Eurolingua for all your help. Jwalant

12. French teacher was excellent and made me feel confident … it was a good environment … the job isn’t what I expected or am looking for however, I am enjoying myself and the people have helped a lot. Maria

13. ...excellent programme and help when required … everything worked well. Chirag

14. ...j’aime mes cours de français dans l’Eurolingua Institute mais le travail dans l’hôtel est un peu dur …les cours étaient intéressants … j’ai eu la possibilité de non seulement vivre et manger dans l’hôtel mais aussi de communiquer avec les représentants de l’hôtel … j’ai appris beaucoup de choses intéressants et nouvelles et j’ai eu la possibilité de perfectionner mon français. Elena




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