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Learn to speak fluent English like a native...!!

                   .......and other European Languages                                           

Learn English and other Languages in India

......or On-line (Skype)

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian

Learning languages is exciting and simple with Eurolingua


India is the ideal language learning destinatioParis Eiffel Towern for Indian and other Asian students:

  • No visa problems or other travel restrictions for Indian students in India
  • No expensive travel costs to Europe, the USA or Canada etc.
  • Avoid expensive living costs in Europe, the USA or Canada etc.
  • Very competitive course and programme fees at Eurolingua schools in India
  • ENGLISH is spoken very widely in India, so much easier for most international students

Language Courses in India

The Eurolingua Institute International:


  • Methods of Payment - initial deposit on confirmed enrolment, balance 35 days before arrival
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