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Study Russian Abroad Russian Language Homestays - On-line

St PetersburgLearn to speak Russian fluently with Eurolingua

Learn Russian in Russia and other Russian-speaking states such as the Ukraine and Latvia (a Baltic State, and member of the European Union - no visa issues!). If you want to learn Russian, Eurolingua offers a unique Russian linguistic and cultural immersion which provides you with several options including

Russian language school group courses in St Petersburg or in Kiev (Ukraine). You can learn to speak Russian fluently with our tried, tested and proven Russian study abroad courses and Russian one to one home stay programmes, living in the home of a Eurolingua Russian homestay tutor. With the constant dialogue between East and West, Russian study abroad programmes are extremely useful for students, academics, scientists, diplomats, military personnel, travellers and tourists alike.

As with learning any language, the most effective approach is to learn Russian with native speakers. With this homestay programme, you live in the home of a professionally experienced and qualified Eurolingua Russian tutor. The Eurolingua Russian homestay for language studies programme offers students of all ages a chance to learn Russian in a Russian-speaking state and benefit from structured one-to-one tuition in some of the country’s most beautiful locations and other famous places. Eurolingua Russian language immersion courses offer unique opportunities to live and learn in the home of a fully qualified and experienced Eurolingua One-to-One Russian Homestay Tutor, meeting family, friends and business colleagues. Whatever your level, you learn to speak fluently with an authentic accent. Impress your friends and return home speaking like a native!!

Eurolingua offer three options for students wanting to learn Russian with an authentic accent.

One-to-One Russian Homestays

One-to-one Russian language lessons give students the chance to learn Russian from an experienced Russian tutor, and to benefit from customised one-to-one Russian immersion. Why not check out our homestay options in Latvia (EU) Russia and Ukraine.

Russian On-Line Tuition

More information about Russian On-Line Tuition

Russian Group Language Courses

Eurolingua also offers you the chance to take part in our group Russian language classes in one of our Russian language schools. Students can enjoy learning Russian in structured lessons with fellow students in a small group environment. Why not take a look at our Russian language schools in Latvia (EU), Russia and Ukraine.

Alternatively, simply choose the type of Russian language course you would like from the options.


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