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English in new Zealand

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ReadSpeak Institute in Mt Albert English, Reading and Memory programme. New research and development. For English learners, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Speaking and reading development is deeply imprinted. Easy, rapid and lasting learning. Save time and money! Speak English fluently. Read with deep understanding. The worlds first seamless English and reading language support system. Learn from a handpicked authentic English library of 5,000 handpicked books in 35 levels.

The Institute
Eurolingua partner language school in New_Zealand

The English, reading and Memory programme was researched over the past several years in co-operation with the New Zealand Government. Enjoy learning from an expert. Learn more..


Metacognition: Having the ability to anticipate, interpret and express.
Benefits of focussing on metacognitive development.
A inner feeling self-confidence.
Quicker and better learning quality

The Prosodic Learning Technique

Improving working memory for automaticity of chunks of language.
(1) Listening to text (auditory attention)
(a)Analysing the sounds or words (auditory decoding)
(b)Attaching meaning according to the rules of language . (auditory association )
B Reading aloud together
Pulling everything into a whole so that it can be used (integration)
C Hearing the learner. Organising and producing a response
D Memory check

Certificates and Diplomas
Eurolingua partner language school in New_Zealand

A Certicate of Attainment is provided. This attainment level of both English and reading and memory proficiency is assessed aginst the New Zealand reading abilty levels. This attainment level can be compared with other assessments. An indepth description of progress and abilities is provided.

Teaching Materials

The library is an Information Recognition SystemThe Authentic Graded Extensive library
provides the language models. The texts at each level contain the same linguistic content. The learner can personally construct their own semantic and syntactic learning network.

Eurolingua partner language school in New_Zealand

Listening needs are the leading cause of reading failure. Unfamiliarity with speech rhythm and timing is the leading cause of lack of mastery of English. The programme provides a consistent, learning process for continuous improvement.Learning is developed by using a library composed of graded models of narrow-graded vocabulary, grammar and common knowledge. The books are handpicked and are of high interest. Fluent English speaking is developed upon a platform of high quality listening practice.
Learners apply old knowledge to new texts so that what they already know is arranged in new and different ways. This seamless "utterance–based" library is unique.
High and low frequency words are encountered in a variety of contexts. Extensive reading of the narrow-graded books ingrains word learning and overall grammatical skills. It provides efficient, measurable and social learning. It provide the learning benchmarks for English ability as well as literacy attainment.This is a world first.The accurate asessment provides the learner with a sense of empowerment and mastery - producing positive psychological changes in a relatively short time.
Quality control and monitoring procedures provide verification of progress.
Data which can be passed between psychologists, audiologists and speech therapists.
The programme features the simultaneous development of reading comprehension and oral expression across the different levels of linguistic structure such as lexicon, phonology, syntax, morphology and pragmatics.
Coaching – or formative feedback:
The development of expressive speech
Pronunciation and speech are fine-tuned, practiced and ingrained. Obvious as well as more subtle meanings intended by the author are expressed.
Speech patterns, vocabulary and concepts and idioms are discovered in different contexts within a narrowly graded band.

Social and Cultural Activities

Social, Cultural and Educational Activities
A wide range of social, cultural and educational activities is offered by many organisations in Auckland. There are picnics, dinners, and many activities in the near. Across the road is an Olympic swimming pool. Nearby, on Mt Albert, are soccer and archery facilities. Down at a nearby beach windsurfing takes place.

Eurolingua partner language school in New_Zealand

A large room with ensuite is provided.

Excursions and Visits

Excursions to nearby wild, remote beaches and beautiful, rugged bushlands are part of the hospitality. Diving in the sea reserves and visits to geothermal hotpools and geysers are usual. Places we regularly visit and stay at include Rotorua and Tutukaka.

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