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Italian in Italy

Learn to speak fluent Italian like a native ...!!

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Roma, Italy: Sergio lives close by St. Peter's Basilica and this (central area of Rome) is where we are going to spend most of the time. Sergio's house is generally speaking divided into two parts: mine, with a small studio, and Ewa's, where she practise violin, she teaches languages (English and German) and violin. Students will sleep by Monte Sacro (Adriana's House) a very lively area. The house has a large terrace where quite often we do barbecues, sit and relax.

Type of Programme
One-to-one, personalised Italian tuition living full-board with the tutor's own family and in the tutor's own home, including local visits and excursions, meeting friends, neighbours and professional colleagues etc.

Type of House: Apartment - Italy

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Roma

Teaching Qualifications and Experience

Tour guide since 1987 and also teacher of Italian for Foreigners since 2002

Hobbies and Interests

Travelling, reading, movies, swimming, visiting museums, fast walking


Large and quiet. The accomodation will not be in my house (too small) but in Adriana's house. She has two rooms that she rents to students.

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Roma

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Roma

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Roma

Excursions and Local Attractions

All the highlights of Rome, but also daily trips to Florence, Naples and the mediaval villages of Lazio, south tuscan and Umbria. "A day in the Ancient Rome" - the aim of this Tour is to give you an idea, as complete as possible, of what the life of a Roman through different centuries could have been. Starting point: the Capitoline Hill of Rome. Here we'll enter the Capitoline Museums (entrance fee around 8 euro) and reach the remainings of the most important temple of Rome: The Temple of Zeus, Juno and Minerva, already worshipped here from the 7th c. B.C.
Later we are going up the Palatine Hill (entrance fee around 12 euro) and discover the very early huts of the time of Romulus and Remus (7th c. B.C.).
The visit will continue with a walk through the more or less 10-centuries-old remains of the Roman Forum: this is where most of the ancient Romans spent large part of their time: praying, betting, buying and selling, electing their leaders.

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Roma


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