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ID: 1951
Pianiga, Italia: I’m competent, experienced, active teacher of Italian. I live with my husband, a doctor, and 1 or 2 of my children (23 - 27 years), in a large semi-detached house at Pianiga, between Venice and Padue, international cities rich of art and history. The student can have his private furnished bedroom and bathroom; a bike is also available. The international airport is at 35km, the train station at 2,5 km. There are many natural and cultural amenities. Shops and facilities are available.

Type of Programme
One-to-One, personalised Italian tuition living full-board with the tutor's own family and in the tutor's own home, including local visits and excursions, meeting friends, neighbours and professional colleagues etc.

Type of House: Semi-Detached House - Italia

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Pianiga

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Pianiga

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Pianiga

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Pianiga

Teaching Qualifications and Experience

I’m teacher of Italian and History to students 15-18 in the secondary school, and I'm online teacher in the Master ITALS “Teaching Italian as foreign language” of University of Venice.
I worked as Italian teacher at University in Dakar for 8 years (up to 2013) and earlier as educator in development projects in Senegal, Zambia and RDC for 6 years.
I have: 2 degrees in Italian Literature 1982, Education 1990; 2 Masters in Teaching Italian as foreign language, 2005, 2007.
I wrote 2 books: an essay about Migrant Italian literature -2011; a classbook-workbook for italian students - 2013

Hobbies and Interests

I like reading, travelling, dancing, cooking, walking, studying education, literature and history,meeting people.
I like also cinema, fitness activities .


It's a nice 11m² bedroom. There are bed, night table, table, chair and wardrobe. The view from the window is the park and the road.

Excursions and Local Attractions

Pianiga is a village between Venice and Padue. Venice doesn’t need any presentation: city of art, history, romantic atmosphere etc. Unique city built on the sea.
Padue is a lovely city, rich of culture. It’s an university city since XII century.
Everywhere, around Pianiga, there are a lot of things to visit and to do: nice towns, mansions, monuments, gardens…Everything you like of history, art and nature.
You can also bike and walk in the country. Furthermore you can go to the mountains or to the beach, that are not far from Pianiga.
Shops, healthy centers and facilities are achievable.

Eurolingua Italian Homestay in Pianiga


  • Methods of Payment - initial deposit on confirmed enrolment, balance 35 days before arrival
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