Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Russian and Ukrainian in Ukraine

Learn to speak fluent Russian or Ukrainian like a native...!!

Learning to speak Ukrainian is exciting and easy with Eurolingua

RU-Ukraine(StAndrews)100.jpgUkraine is an independent state, formerly part of the ex-Soviet Union, where both Ukrainian and Russian are widely spoken. Eurolingua are offering a unique opportunity to take part in one of our Ukrainian language courses. If you want to learn this unique and beautiful language, we provide Ukrainian language classes offering you the chance to experience superb language learning.

Eurolingua recommends two options for students looking for Ukrainian language courses:

Ukrainian language homestays

One-to-one Ukrainian language classes give pupils the chance to learn the language from a knowledgeable Ukrainian tutor at their own pace. Not only this but by choosing the Homestay option, students benefit from one-to-one attention and differentiated learning in the home of a native speaker. Why not check out all our available homestays in Ukraine.

Ukrainian language courses

Alternatively, those who prefer group learning environments may wish to study Ukrainian language in our Ukrainian language school. Students can enjoy structured lessons with fellow pupils in a small group learning environment with the aid of the expert Ukrainian tutors. 


Simply choose whether you would like one-to-one Ukrainian language learning or the language school option from the options top left to find out more. 

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