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Visit one of our language schools in Russia and learn to speak Russian fluently

If you want to Learn Russian, then our Russian language courses give you the chance to learn Russian using tried, tested and proven learning methods. We provide cost-effective tutoring for anyone who wants to learn to speak Russian fluently. Eurolingua offers various options in diverse Russian-speaking States, including the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Latvia. Popular destinations are St Petersburg, Irkutsk, the Carpathian Mountains, Riga and Kiev.

Learn to speak Russian at a Russian language school in Russia, Ukraine or Latvia (a Baltic State and member of the European Union). Latvia is a good choice for students of Russian with EU citizenship as they benefit from free entry to any European country, including Latvia, without visa or other restrictions.

We also teach Russian via Skype

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Eurolingua partner language school in Russia

Language center “Lingua-Baikal” - Irkutsk The Language center “Lingua-Baikal” is the brainchild of a group of university educators who teach Russian as a foreign language. In past years, our student body has included Arabs, Americans, Belgians, Poles, French, Koreans, Japanese, Germans, Chinese – and the list goes on. We would like to thank you all for choosing to study Russian language and culture. We guarantee that your time spent in Russia will not be wasted because we will try our best to help you realize your goals.

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