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Learn to speak fluent Spanish like a native ...!!                 Spanish in Costa Rica

Spanish Homestays in Costa Rica

Personalised one-to-one Spanish tuition: Spanish in Costa Rica, learning and living on a full-board basis in your Eurolingua Tutor's own private residence and learning at your own rhythm, pace and level, meeting friends, neighbours and professional colleagues etc. You share meals and all aspects of social and cultural life as part of your teacher’s family, including local trips and excursions. Formal Spanish lessons are structured around your own subjects of interest for 15, 20 or 25 hours per week, scheduled at the times that suit you best. This leaves plenty of time for your own independent study, activity and tourism and to enjoy a first-hand experience of the real language and lifestyle. These unique Eurolingua One-to-One Spanish Homestay programmes are available at any time of year and are suitable for students of any age (16 - 75 years) and any language level (beginner to advanced). Ideal for personal interest, business, travel or examination revision purposes. All Eurolingua Tutors are fully-qualified teachers and native speakers, experienced in teaching their mother tongue as a foreign language. In addition to Costa Rica, One-to-One Spanish Homestay programmes are also currently available in: Argentina, Mexico and Spain.

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Eurolingua German Homestay - San Jose
San Jose, Costa Rica - If you are looking for a Homestay for German, English or Spanish and to combine it with an exotic destination, well - we have it all. Perhaps you want to learn German, but are lacking the funds for a trip to Europe?



  • Methods of Payment - initial deposit on confirmed enrolment, balance 35 days before arrival
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