Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Russian and Ukrainian in Ukraine

Learn to speak fluent Russian or Ukrainian like a native...!!

UKR-KievSchool(class)175.jpgOur language school in Ukraine

The language school, Kiev

The Language School
Our language school is situated in Kiev, also known as Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The country belongs to Polesia, however its’ distinct surroundings distinguishes it from fellow European countries found in the same region. Experience this fantastic place of modern cultural and educational importance whilst learning the language at our language school.
There are many great opportunities to learn Ukrainian and Russian at our Language School. Kiev provides highly individualised courses allowing students to learn in a quick and effective way. We offer bespoke language programmes, as well as the chance to use the schools superb resources, under the supervision of highly-qualified, native-speaking lecturers. Euroliongua accompany you through the classes and ensure that you learn how to use your new language in everyday real-life situations.
  • Ukrainian and Russian for General Purposes (Basic, Standard, and Intensive Courses)
  • Bespoke Ukrainian and Russian Language Courses for Companies (Corporate Clients)
  • One-to-one Ukrainian and Russian Language Training
  • Ukrainian and Russian Language Combined Courses
  • Business Ukrainian and Russian
  • One-to-One Ukrainian/Russian Language Training with 20 to 40 hours per week of individual tuition

Our tuition methods are based on an initial evaluation test. After you have been evaluated, an individual programme is tailor-made for each student to ensure that they meet their individual linguistic objectives. One-to-one tuition is offered at the language school, Ukraine or at the student’s accommodation. You may have one, two or even three personal teachers, based on your individual requirements and all our teachers are graduates with many years experience in teaching Ukrainian/Russian.

Russian and Ukrainian Language Summer School
Our unique Language School in Ukrainian and Russian provides learners with a great opportunity to combine language tuition with a fun summer get-away. Not only this but Eurolingua are also happy to offer you a chance to use the best and most up to date text books, guaranteeing every student has what they need to become fluent in their chosen language.
RU-Ukraine(sleigh_ride)175.jpgLeisure Activities
Eurolingua understand the importance of practical application, and therefore we organise various after-class activities and provide lots of fun weekend leisure options for our students. These activities will include such experiences as exploring the nearby towns, as well as taking trips out on the Eurolingua buses to difference parts of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Every week our students attend an evening performance at the theatre, ballet or the opera, the Kyiv circus, a concert or a sporting event, giving you the chance to use your new language in practice.
We provide two options in Ukraine. Students can benefit from one-to-one personal tuition at a homestay with the opportunity to become fully immersed in the countries family culture or live independently in our stunning, fully-serviced cottage.


  • Methods of Payment - initial deposit on confirmed enrolment, balance 35 days before arrival
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