Brazil(Carnival1)175.jpgThe Institute
Learn to speak fluent Portuguese in the beautiful town of Maceió, capital of the state of Alagoas in the north-east of Brazil and located in Ponte Verde, just 15 minutes by bus from the town centre. Maceió is a safe, relaxed and modern town, with some of the best beaches in South America. Praia da Pajuçara is the main attraction, with its Jangadas, small sailboats which take visitors to the piscinas naturais (natural swimming pools) formed by the coral reefs and sandbanks which emerge at low tide. Maceió's beaches and lagoons attract tourists from all over the world. The climate is tropical Brazil(beach)175.jpgwith an average temperature of 25°c and two seasons: summer and rainy summer.

The town has many cultural attractions as well as a wide range of places to visit of environmental interest, a great location for a language school in Brazil. Our premises are bright and modern, consisting of 8 fully-equipped classrooms, some with TV, VCR, audio and computer facilities, a language laboratory, library and a fully equipped kitchen where our Brazilian cooking classes take place. Outside is a pleasant green area. The other Brazilian Portuguese language school is in São Paulo, in the Southeast, a cosmopolitan environment, giving our students a broad perspective of Brazilian culture.

Brazil(folklore)175.jpgThe Programmes
There are 15 teaching and support staff. All of the teachers at our schools in Brazil are professional and experienced native instructors, trained in the direct approach to teaching Portuguese. They come from various parts of Brazil, thus ensuring a balanced exposure to different accents, expressions and styles. We offer both group and one-to-one Portuguese tuition, from absolute beginners to advanced levels. Groups consist of 2-5 students and begin on any Monday for intermediate students and once a month for beginners. 4 lessons each day. It is also possible to combine Portuguese tuition with Brazilian cooking, Brazilian dance (samba, capoeira, forró), business and environmental terminology. Special programmes, such as Portuguese for Business, include visits to local companies.

Brazil(CarnivalGirl)100.jpgMaceio Fest (November) - an experience not to be missed!!! Experience one of the fabulous celebrations for which Brazil is renowned – Carnival !! Maceió Fest is a smaller version of the typical Brazilian Carnival. People from all over North Eastern Brazil come to celebrate for four crazy days to dance, sing and drink ecstatically as they move through the streets. Leading them in this happy frenzy are several large trucks upon which bands, singers and dancers perform. Lining the streets are stands full of people cheering everyone on.

São João (June) - participate in the most important popular celebration in North Eastern Brazil - an excellent opportunity to sample its many types of music and dance. Its main characteristics are typical saloon and outdoor decoration, square dancing, accordion players, and a real food fest, where dishes are prepared with typical ingredients.

In order to maintain linguistic and cultural continuity, students are accommodated with one of our local, selected Brazilian host families who provide a clean and comfortable home, a single, private bedroom, breakfast only or half board and a convenient location to the school. Double rooms are available for students travelling together. Other accommodation options include: Hotels, ranging from budget to deluxe. Maceió’s hotels are conveniently located within 15 minutes walking from the school, directly across from the ocean. Breakfast included in the price. Pousada, small, inexpensive hotels, located 10 minutes walking from the school. Rooms are clean with private bathroom and television. Air conditioning also available. Breakfast included in the price.

Brazil(view)175.jpgPlaces to Visit
The historic, colonial towns of Penedo and Marechal Deodoro, with their own architectural style and museums, are favourite destinations. Pontal do Peba (banco de camarões), Murici (Atlantic forest) and Barra de S. Antonio (Sea Cow reserve) are not to be missed for those interested in more natural wonders. Maceió not only celebrates the traditional February Carnival but also several street parties, the most famous being Maceió Fest, the out of season carnival in December.

Brazil(palms)100.jpgActivities and Sports
Leisure time options in Maceió include: shopping malls, theatres, restaurants, beaches, and discos etc. Many water sports are available such as swimming, scuba diving, fishing, boating, jet skiing and windsurfing. Other available sporting activities include football, hiking and gyms.

We will issue certificates of course completion for those students who have maintained regular attendance at our schools in Brazil and who have complied with the requirements of our curriculum.

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