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Spanaish in Argentina

Learn to speak fluent Spanish like a native...!!

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Ebatrust. Estudio Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires Ebatrust Estudio Buenos Aires offers quality instruction in the Spanish language at affordable prices in the best location of central Buenos Aires. Our weekly extracurricular activities allow students to immerse themselves in the Argentine culture and lifestyle. The school can also arrange homestay accommodation and apartment rental.


The Institute

Eurolingua partner language school in Argentina

To learn Spanish and appreciate Buenos Aires culture and lifestyle, you need a Spanish language school that provides an open, international, friendly and relaxed environment. The school should be flexible in its approach and value the diversity of its students. That is what Ebatrust Estudio Buenos Aires offers - a mature and fun environment, with staff who are committed to making your time in Buenos Aires an excellent experience. Learn more..


Programme A. Spanish group classes, 4 hours per day
Programme B. Spanish group classes + 2 hours of private classes per day
Programme C. Private instruction
Programme D. Children classes
Programme E. Medical Spanish

Certificates and Diplomas

Eurolingua partner language school in Argentina

Bildungsurlaub courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced level.
Certificate of attendance are granted at the end of the course.

Teaching Materials

We have found texts for Spanish instruction to be limited in many ways, particularly with adhering to students learning styles. Therefore, we have found manuals published by the Spanish Department of Universidad de Buenos Aires to be the most effective method for instruction. To supplement these materials, we provide a variety of instructional tools designed by professional staff. Materials might include handouts, visual aids and auditory listening exercises

Eurolingua partner language school in Argentina


Immediate communication in Spanish is the goal of the course. The method stresses the development of speaking skills and listening comprehension through controlled oral practice. Vocabulary is related to the areas of activity of daily life. Grammar explanations are simple and practical, allowing the student to make immediate use of them in speaking. Rules are used actively: through exposure and practice, the correct forms begin to sound right to the student's ear.

Social and Cultural Activities

Ebatrust Estudio Buenos Aires offers to its students a wide array of activities to supplement and reinforce their language experience in Buenos Aires. For a nominal fee students may attend or participate in sports events (soccer and basketball matches), visit places of interest in Buenos Aires (historic landmarks, the Opera, Tigre, etc.), spend an evening at a "real" Tango dance or take a day trip to a nearby "estancia".

Eurolingua partner language school in Argentina


Our host family stay program has been active for 20 years. We have long standing relationships with the families who host students. These families are located throughout safe neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. They also have experience in addressing the needs of students.

Excursions and Visits

Ebatrust Estudio Buenos Aires organizes weekend trips to various destinations in Argentina and Uruguay.

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