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Forester Instituto Internacional in San José Learn Spanish in Costa Rica. Forester Instituto Internacional, a Spanish language school in Costa Rica, offers several exciting programs of instruction in the Spanish language. Its short term immersion courses--1 to 4 weeks--are very popular among visitors to the country. The courses of study are designed to satisfy, in a quick and efficient manner, the growing need for Spanish language skills. The school also offers long term programs for those interested in staying more than one month.

The Institute
Eurolingua partner language school in Costa_Rica

The Institute is located in the city of San Jose, and was founded in 1979. Basic to the school's philosophy is that it be a cheerful, congenial place to learn Spanish. Staff members enjoy meeting and relating to people from different countries and backgrounds.

The Institute has been chosen among other Spanish language schools in Costa Rica by several foreign universities for their study abroad Spanish programs. Spanish lessons are provided at different levels—beginners through advanced—in small classes. Students receive personalized attention. Learn more..



Certificates and Diplomas
Eurolingua partner language school in Costa_Rica

Student receive, at the end of the course, an assistance certificate and a transcript indicating the number of hours of class attended, level and the teacher's evaluation.

Teaching Materials

Most books and materials are original and exclusive. They have been produced throughout the years by the Institute’s experienced staff. They are continuously being revised and updated. Books and materials are designed to satisfy, depending on the program, the needs of absolute beginning students through very advanced ones, including non-native Spanish teachers. Since classes at the Institute are intended to be active and a fun learning experience, a variety of activities and materials keep the students involved and interested: charts, flashcards, videos, movies, CDs, songs, board games, card games, etc.

Eurolingua partner language school in Costa_Rica

Immediate communication is the goal of the course. The method stresses the development of speaking skills and listening comprehension through controlled oral practice. Vocabulary is related to the areas of activity of daily life. Grammar explanations are simple and practical, allowing the student to make immediate use of them in speaking. Rules are used actively: through exposure and practice, the correct forms begin to sound right to the student's ear.

Social and Cultural Activities

Students participating in the Spanish language programs are welcome to join our Latin dance program at no additional cost. Classes are taught by professional dance instructors in our special mirrored classroom. Participants with no previous knowledge, as well as those with experience, enjoy themselves while improving their abilities.

Eurolingua partner language school in Costa_Rica

The Institute will lodge the participant in a carefully selected Costa Rican home. He or she will be provided with a private room, breakfast and dinner, and laundry service. This arrangement will permit the student to continue practicing Spanish outside of the classroom while sharing the "Ticos' " every day life.
Participating families are chosen for their friendliness and helpfulness to the student. Most live within a 20 minute bus ride from the Institute, while a few are within walking distance.
Homestays can be arranged to accommodate individual students, couples and families with children.

Excursions and Visits

The Excursions program includes several visits to many of the sites and natural treasures that make Costa Rica unique. Tour guides are professional, trained to work with Spanish students. Besides giving information, they encourage the learning and practice of the language. These half-day excursions may be combined with any of the four lessons per day programs or with private lessons. They are also available to individuals not taking classes but who are accompanying other students.

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