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Learn to speak fluent English like a native...!!

English Interest

Language and lifestyle publications for people interested in the English language and culture in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USA and other English-speaking territories.

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Business English HQ

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English Attack! Digital Language Immersion

Posted in English Interest

Holmwood's Online Learning

Posted in English Interest

Eurolingua partner language school in Netherlands

Holmwood's Online Learning - Barneveld Holmwood’s Online Learning can help you to learn English. With an interactive learning environment and hundreds of videos and exercises, Holmwood’s is the place to learn English. We provide schools, colleges and individual students with authentic English from across the globe.

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EuroTravel Magazine

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Eurolingua partner language school in United_Kingdom

EuroTravel Magazine - EuroTravel Magazine - All the Very Best of Europe – Online.
EuroTravel Magazine is an online publication focusing exclusively on travel to and through the whole of Europe, from the mysterious Orkneys to the wine dark seas of the Aegean and the medieval masterpiece that is Krakow. It’s a complete education about enjoying the diversity of our amazing continent with its 4 million square miles, 50 countries, population of 733 million, 230 languages and hundreds of cultures.

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International Language School Directory

Posted in English Interest

Eurolingua partner language school in United_Kingdom

International Language School Directory - A international directory of language schools and related services, including a summary of language training programmes, facilities and other services and resources offered to language students of all ages and nationalities.

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Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad Forum

Posted in English Interest

Eurolingua partner language school in

Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad Forum - The Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad Forum provides language students with a valuable information resource on all aspects of language learning.
Language schools, study abroad agents, foreign language teachers and private homestay tutors, have an opportunity to share views and experiences on the marketing and management of language courses worldwide.

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